Friday, October 9, 2009

Meet Niño and Faith

Niño Rios and Faith Famero's personalities stood out in one special gala night at Rencio's Resort in Budiong, Odiongan. The social party was a gathering of BSHRM, BSBA and BSIT students enrolled under the subject of Dr. Merian C. Mani. Coinciding with the World Teacher's Day Celebration, a portion was spent on giving tributes to their mentors.

Six pairs were selected by faculty members present that night and the two emerged as winners. Below is one stolen shot of a finalist.

More pictures are stored at Click any image from the TH at Flickr section on the right or go to rscharrow photostream by clicking this link.


Anonymous said...

who's that beautiful lady?
she's gorgeous!!!

Anonymous said...

yung naka stripe ba ang minimean mo? Oo nga, panalo yan sa akin eh. Miss Jonah Brigido, BSHRM II from the island of Hambil. hehehehe

The Traveler's Journey said...

Nakakamiss naman ang college days...nakadown ba ang site ng rsc?

The Harrow said...

Down po ang kasi piniprepare po siguro sa Nagkaproblema lang po sa domain name and web space bills hehehehe.

The Traveler's Journey said...

Thanks, akala ko blocked lang xa..congratz to RSU!!! Mabuhay!

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