Monday, September 7, 2009

A Call for Prayer Partners and Help

Sir Edgar Forca, a faculty member of RSC Main Campus was found to have a ruptured vein in his brain. He is scheduled to be operated asap. From Delos Santos Hospital, he was transferred to Quirino. The family is asking for prayers of healing and providence. They need to pool 500K for the operation.

We are calling all those who have been his students to please extend a helping hand. Sir Edgar Forca is from Simara. He has just finished a master's degree in Marine Biology from Silliman University. He is a very good teacher (he was my teacher in Ecology, 11 years ago). RSC still needs his expertise.

For those who wish to help, kindly send them through his brother: DARNEL FABIALA FORCA, 765 Tramo Road, Medina Compound, Manuyo 1, Las Pinas City. Cell No. 0929-8843631


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