Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Admin censors sex scandal pic in yearbook 2009

"Pasalamatan na lang natin sila sa pagpansin sa ating ginawa. Pasensya na kasi lito pa ako ngayon sa review pero kung ako ang tatanungin mas mabuti nang hindi na patapalan para hindi masyadong lumaki ang issue," said Graduating Class Organization 2009 President Ronel Dela Rosa after the RSC administration ordered to stop the distribution of the 2009 yearbook when it found out the inclusion of an unaceptable image in the book. The image was about the sex video scandal of alleged RSC students that circulated around 3G cellphones, published in local papers and feasted by radio anchors last August 2008.

Golden Harvest 2009 editor Alvin MariƱo commented, "Totoo namang newsmaker yun sa sa panahon namin. Wala silang (admin) karapatang ipatigil ang pagdistribute nito sapagkat hindi naman nila pera yun."

Meanwhile, GH adviser Mr. Eddie Fetalvero said that the inclusion of the picture with "RSC Sex Scandal" caption has no intent whatsoever of defaming the school. It was done in good faith. It is just an illustration of these lines (page 24):

"It was a pleasure having this sojourn with you although the roads we went through were packed with bittersweet experiences that helped as rise above tragedies and rejoice over triumphs."

However the school administration insisted that the picture would imply that such a scandal is being done by many RSC students inside the campus because of the malicious use of the word "RSC". According to VPAA Dr. Alice Foja, the one who issued the memorandum, it was never proven that the persons involved in the sex video were really RSC students.

The said picture then was covered with a sticker, and the distribution of the yearbook resumes.

Fetalvero said that the staff's consent to cover it with sticker did not mean that GH is guilty of the administration's accusation. They just wanted that the yearbook be distributed to the alumni on time, and as promised.

The distribution of yearbook is facilitated by the Institute of Arts and Sciences. To get a copy, proceed to the Dean at the IAS Building and present your Official Receipt and clearance.


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